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Advantages of a shramik card.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment India has launched a new website called E-shram. The government has launched the E Shram Yojana to provide you with Social Security schemes. People who sign up for it can receive a pension at the age of 60, insurance, and a variety of other benefits. Applicants who register on the portal are given a card with a 12-digit unique identification number (UAN).

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has launched this portal to collect data from the unorganised sector and use it to develop schemes and policies for the betterment of people in the future. Anyone in the organised sector can apply for an E shram card through the portal and benefit from a variety of services. To be eligible for an E-shram card, you must only be a citizen of India. People are also confused about the labour card and the e shram card; it is important to note that these two schemes are not the same. The state government offers the Labour Card scheme, which requires applicants to be residents of the state, whereas the E Shram scheme is available to any citizen of the country.

The Advantages of the E Shram Card.

  • Workers who register for an e-shram card will be eligible for insurance benefits of up to Rs. 2 lakh under the Pradhan Mantra Suraksha Bima Yojana.
  • In the event of death or total disability, the applicant will receive a sum of two lakh rupees; in the event of partial disability, the applicant will receive a sum of one lakh rupees.
  • It opens up more job opportunities for the applicant.
  • Financial assistance.
  • You can contribute as much as you want to your E sharmik card, starting at 500 INR per month, and receive a pension of up to 3000 INR per month after the age of 60.
  • The e-SHRAM portal will also assist in keeping track of the migrant labour workforce and will pave the way for more job opportunities.

Documents for the applicant’s E-shram Card Aadhar Card.

  • Ration Card Mobile Number linked to the applicant’s bank passbook
  • Bill for Electricity
  • Who is eligible to apply for an E-shram card?
  • Anyone working in the unorganised sector, such as construction workers, street vendors, agricultural workers, and flower sellers, can apply for and receive the scheme’s numerous benefits. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 can participate in this scheme.

E-Objectives Shram’s

The main goal is to create a centralised database of every construction worker, emigrant worker, roadside seller, domestic worker, husbandry worker, and so on, which will assist people in applying for social security services and sharing their information with various stakeholders in order to deliver welfare schemes. This database can also be used in the future to create new schemes and planes.

Government aims to register around 38 crore unorganised workers. E shram will assist people in finding jobs and will also provide other benefits. To take advantage of the same, we strongly advise you to apply for an E-shramik card and take advantage of the schemes.

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