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Are There Organized Crime Groups in Seattle?

There have been several attempts by police to catch organized crime families operating in Seattle. But the investigation has been largely unsuccessful. Until the arrest of former state governor Albert Rosellini, the police had no evidence to prove his involvement in the crime. Although Rosellini has denied any connection to organized crime groups, he says his family was involved in legitimate businesses and has many political ties within the state. Regardless of the evidence, the question remains, are there organized crime groups in Seattle?

While some organizations may have local influence in a neighborhood, others may be more interested in national trends. There are several known surenos gang sets in Seattle. These include the Brown Pride Locos, Mexicans, and Surenos. The latter are mostly involved in drug trafficking, while the former operate out of the south and west parts of King County. In addition, certain ethnic groups may have contacts with Asian organized crime.

In Seattle, the Cosa Nostra has a long history. During its four-year run, it managed to rob fourteen banks. The group took $2.3 million and left $1.8 million in their wake. The FBI has identified the group as a “hot spot” and is now investigating them. The FBI has seized the criminals’ firearms and money laundering operations. It has also been said that organized crime groups operate in Seattle, and police officers are doing their best to catch them.

Known as “The Outfit”, the group consisted of mostly Italian-American members who fought gangsters of Polish and Irish origin. They controlled the illegal liquor trade in the North Side of the city. Some members of the group were even charged with murder and were jailed. The criminals in the group include Vincent and Peter Coll. You may also have heard of some of the other members of the Seattle Outfit.

While shoplifting has always been a problem in the city, it has increased exponentially in recent years. Seattle’s efforts to address public safety have increased business safety. A new task force has been formed to send a message to criminals that their time has passed. They will be told that their time is over and they can’t get away with their free ride. The Attorney General of Washington has committed to quarterly meetings to meet with the group.

The investigation into the brothel in Seattle began in January. Police seized more than two dozen items. They suspect the brothel was operated by a group of Asian gangs, called Triads. Triads are among the most powerful organized crime groups in the world and have been the target of many police raids. Fortunately, Seattle police are targeting these groups. They’re also investigating money movement.

In the past, the FBI’s Seattle office has investigated violent white supremacist neo-Nazis and a violent white-supremacist gang called Aryan Nations. In the 1980s, the Seattle FBI office was involved in the BRINKROB robbery, a case that grew into a racketeering/domestic-terrorism probe. The investigation resulted in the prosecution of 23 defendants for a variety of crimes, including the robbery of two armored cars in Seattle and a 3.6 million Brinks robbery in California. Another investigation revealed suspected involvement in the murder of Allen Berg.

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