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Game of nipple poking

This story follows the misadventures of Naoto Hachioji, a second-year high school student, who develops a crush on Hayase Nagatoro. They go out on a pretend date. The girls are displeased, since they believe Senpai is a pervert. However, he proves his friend wrong.

During the date, Senpai finds out that Naoto has a secret love for Nagatoro. He begins sending him dozens of messages calling him a pervert. As a result, Senpai decides to stop drawing him. However, Nagatoro challenges him to a game of nipple poking.

As they play, Senpai realizes that he wants to do something for Nagatoro. He wants to give him a Christmas present. At the same time, he wonders if he will see him all summer. Despite this, he agrees to the challenge.

Parts for privacy

But before they can exchange presents, the president of the Art Club appears. She comments on the artist’s work. Her previous exhibit had been a nude painting of herself. Therefore, she splits the room into two parts for privacy.

Afterwards, Nagatoro takes Senpai to the beach. While they are there, she asks him to jog with her. After he succeeds, she buys him ice cream. Their time on the beach is interrupted by the arrival of another girl. In the meantime, she makes fun of him for being a self-inserted hero.

When he arrives at home, Nagatoro calls Senpai. Although he has been sick all day, he still teases him. His friends also make fun of him. One girl claims that he has smaller breasts than her. As a result of this, Nagatoro torments Senpai during cool-down stretches. He also tries to convince Senpai to try sparring. However, his attempts to coax Senpai are unsuccessful.

On his next visit, Nagatoro challenges Senpai to games. He insists that Senpai visit him at a beach. Later on, he snatches his phone from him. Moreover, he threatens Senpai to bring him home if he loses. Senpai is afraid that Nagatoro is going to ruin his chance of winning back his friend.

The winner receives

Nagatoro also visits Senpai at a hand washing station. He asks Senpai for her phone number. Meanwhile, he challenges her to a booth game. The winner will receive the prize. Upon losing, she will be forced to carry him home.

In the end, Nagatoro manages to win back Senpai. Afterwards, the two decide to attend a summer festival together. Several girls are jealous that they weren’t invited, but they also are afraid of what they would get if they were. Fortunately, Gamo and Yosshii are in the group. Nevertheless, the girls are unhappy, because they have to break up a nerd friendship.

The rest of the story is a fantasy, in which the characters must fight monsters. It is also a fantasy, in which the protagonist looks just like Senpai.


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