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What are purple martin gourds, and helpful tips for buying them

Purple martins are a sight to behold, with their blackish-blue feathers, forked tails, and large wings, being one of Nature’s most beautiful creations. They also help human settlements by eating insects like dragonflies, beetles, and bees, on farms or any place they can find them. You can often see these birds in large numbers across lawns and yards, as they prefer living close to humans.

However, these graceful birds require a cozy and safe resting place and usually depend on humans to provide them with nesting sites. Purple Martin gourds, located several feet off the ground, provide them with the best nesting sites. Although you will find several companies that manufacture these, choosing one whose gourds have plenty of space allows martins to build nests and take care of their young ones.

But if you’ve never brought one or are looking for some information about them, this article will help you.

What is a purple martin gourd?

A gourd for purple martins is a type of birdhouse explicitly designed for the purple martin, a migratory bird commonly found in North America. Gourds for purple martins are typically made of a sturdy, non-toxic material such as plastic or ceramic and are shaped like a gourd or a bottle. They are designed to mimic the natural cavities that purple martins use for nesting and provide a safe and secure place for the birds to lay their eggs.

A purple Martin gourd typically comes in various sizes and shapes and can be hung from a pole or a tree to make them easily accessible to the birds. Some gourds even have adjustable entrance holes, allowing you to control the opening size to accommodate birds of different sizes.

Why should you buy gourd racks for these birds?

A purple martin gourd rack is a specialized birdhouse designed to house the purple martin bird. It is typically made up of a series of gourds suspended from a vertical pole, hence the name “gourd rack.”

These racks are popular among bird enthusiasts who want to attract these birds to their yards. These racks are made from weather-resistant materials, such as metal or plastic, to ensure durability and longevity.

The gourds are typically made from solid materials like polycarbonate or PVC. They are often coated with a UV-resistant finish to help prevent fading and deterioration.

Tips on buying gourd racks

When purchasing a gourd rack, consider the following tips.

Location: Choose an open area, free from trees and tall buildings, and close to a water source.

Size: Determine the number of gourds you want to hang and choose a rack that accommodates that number.

Material: Consider the material of the rack, with aluminum being the most durable and weather-resistant option.

Design: Look for a rack with a sturdy design that can withstand wind and inclement weather.

Mounting: Choose a rack you can easily mount and secure to a sturdy post or pole.

Accessibility: Ensure that the gourds are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Reviews: Read reviews from other purple martin enthusiasts to know the gourd rack’s efficiency, durability, and features.

Purple Martin gourds are an effective and attractive way to attract these birds to your yard. You can set them up with very little preparation, and with proper care and maintenance, they can provide a safe and comfortable home for the birds for many years. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or a beginner, having these is an excellent addition to any backyard habitat.

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